Air Freight

Najd Star Freight offers you worldwide air cargo services as per your requirement and need.  We have excellent relations with major airlines, and we choose them as per your need.  We also have permanent space commitment with them and even during the peak seasons and under the most challenging conditions we get the space for your freight which moves your freight with speed and on time.

Volume of our cargo gives us more purchasing power and consistent service levels at competitive rates.

We at Najd Star Freight offers fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your Air Freight need.

We provide following air freight services:

  • Airport-to-airport
  • Door-to-Door and other options available
  • First available flight available
  • Time sensitive service
  • Air Import and export
  • Special cargo handling
  • Export documentation and custom clearance
  • Legalization, Certificate of Origin, Carnet and Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Chartering
  • International and domestic service
  • Loose cargo, Consolidation, charter or split charter services